How to Look Your Best When Exhibiting At Trade Shows

You need to look the best at trade shows so that you will make your brand stand out. Many companies invest in trade exhibits. It is the right way to go because it is where you will interact with potential customers. The ways you will organize your show will portray your brand as the best. The notion you will create in people will make your branding efforts efficient.

Choose the best Booth Location

Location of your booth will matter a lot when it comes to trade show marketing. Always choose the best booth location where you will interact more with visitors. You will find most trade shows offering prime locations at extra charges; it is worth. The top locations sell out early. This brings in the issue of booking. Always book your spot early and plan in advance.

Get the best Looking booth

Most buyers will be attracted to good looking booths. Use bright colors and ensure the design is excellent. Use clear graphics to make your booth attractive from all directions. A good looking booth will make people stop and walk by to know more about the beautiful designs. Don’t forget about to add elements to complement your display. It can be hanging signs, tables, trade show counters and many other items necessary to provide both successful work of your team at a show and noticeable appearance.

Have approachable professionals at your booth

Apart from the booth being attractive, you need to have professionals who will smile and make people feel invited to your booth. Different people are attracted to different items. Try to have flyers, reading materials and pamphlets which you will give out to visitors for them to learn more about your company. You can consider to purchase or rent literature racks to help you organize these printed materials and make them look neat

Train booth hosts

Your booth hosts should have enough information about your company. Let them have sufficient information about your business so that they will answer simple questions which visitors will ask. If you have professionals such as magicians, singers or any entertainers, try to have them going with the theme of your company.

Offer show specials

At your trade shows, you need to have something which will attract more visitors. Highlight items which you are offering at a discount so that people will know what they will get after doing business with you. You can as well have contacts and promotions which will engage people at your stand.

Show Your Expertise

You need to make your trade show attendants know how much you are experienced. Give out learning materials such as white papers information people of the latest trends in the industry. This will make them associate your company with the latest trends hence attracting them to your brand.


Use Promotional Products

Using branded giveaways will make your trade show stand out. Choose the right materials to market your company. For instance, you can have imprinted pens, bags, badge holders, cups, electronic gadgets and notepads bearing the name of your company as giveaways. Some companies offer flash disks as giveaways. Try to come up with a product which will make people who will get the giveaways help in spreading the word about your company. Branded pens work well in making more people know about your brand.

The importance of Travel Trade Shows

It has been a common and normal practice by most tourism companies, corporations and individual entrepreneurs to market products and services at travel trade shows. This article will teach you why businesses engage in travel trade shows to promote, advertise and sell products and services.

Travel trade shows is a perfect venue for companies to introduce and to make the market aware of their new products and services. A trade show is the best place where you can generate traffic who will become trusted and certified customers in the long run. It is the perfect area where different business can also earn profit from a lot of people who are interested in their type of products.


Trade shows will give you the freedom to fully advertise and promote your business. It is up to you as to how you are going to display your products and services that you are offering. You have all the time to extend your marketing campaign in full force in order to get more potential customers and clients.

Buyers also value the presence of different business at travel trade shows. There is a group of people who visit trade shows just so they can find a solution to one of their problems or find an answer to a need for their business. Most of these people think that travel trade shows have what they are looking for. A survey was done by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research or CEIR and results state that people believe that travel trade shows will have the information on a product or service that they will be needing.

Lastly, marketing at travel trade shows will not cost you lots of money just to advertise. You will find it more economical to engage in trade shows than to travel in different places just to promote your product or services.

This is the reason why people in love joining tourism trade shows. It the best place to gain faster profit and the most practical way to generate potential leads who will become your customers and clients in the long term.

Trade fairs sometimes require a lot of investment by the company. Costs to the company to have trade show booths include space rental, trade show displays design, set up, networking, travel, accommodations and literature to hand out to fair attendees. Types of trade shows include computer, agriculture, horses, food and beverages and consumer electronics.

When buying and designing a booth, there are some things to take into consideration such as if you need a floor model, pop-up display or tabletop model. There are several types of booths for you to choose from: Tabletop, pop-up display, panel style, modular style, Custom Island and custom style. The one you choose will depend on several factors such as the functioning, aesthetic, marketing needs and budget. Do you need shelves for video capacity or books? Does your booth require a pop-up display? Do the trade show displays need movement or backlit for illustration? Prices for trade show booths will vary greatly depending on the size and can run from $1,000 to a basic tabletop to $15,000 or more for a larger booth.

Now that you have an idea of the trade show displays you need, and you need to make it happen. The first thing you want to do is check with booth vendors in your area. You don’t want to be part of a trade show that is three states away. You should have local access to your office or showroom for easy access to additional products, supplies or parts. Ask the vendor for references from previous vendors and talk with them to see if they are happy with their booth and the service they received from the vendor. Or attend one in your local area to see how things are run and how many people show up.

The most grueling part of any trade show is the paperwork. Many tons of forms to fill out. The first thing you will need is an exhibitor application that can be obtained through the shows’ management office. You will want to get an application as soon as possible due to the first-come first-serve basis. On the application you opt to locate. You will want to select a place where there is a good traffic such as near the front of the building, near the food vendors or near the lodging.


Buyers also value the presence of many different businesses at trade shows. There is a group of people who visit trade shows just so they can find a solution to one of their problems or find an answer to a need for their business. Most of these people think that trade shows have what they are looking for. A survey was done by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research or CEIR and results state that people believe that trade shows will have the information on a product or service that they will be needing.

Once you turn in the application, you will get an exhibitor packet. There is a lot of information in this packet so take the time to read everything carefully. There will also be more forms to fill out such as booth cleaning, advertising and promotion opportunities. There are deadlines with each of these forms so it is important to make note of them. There will also be paperwork about how many people will be staffed at your booth so decide how many and which sales reps you want to send.

Your staffers will need items when they are working your booth so be sure to send them with everything they need such as packing tape, scissors, first aid kit, extensions cords (several), light bulbs (several), business cards, paper, pens, pencils, stapler, highlighter and a camera. You may need additional items depending on your business and trade show displays. Be sure to have plenty of brochures and giveaway items on hand. These are things you don’t want to run out of.

These handy tips on travel trade shows will help you make the best of your time and effort. Travel trade shows can increase clients for your business and help you develop great leads.